EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: IA, Altoona - 6/20/2014 to 6/22/2014

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Bob and Chris

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A great big thank you to David and Shel (great job putting this together.) To all the people who attended the rally in Altoona, Iowa; Chris and I enjoyed meeting everyone and just signed up for the Amana Rally; we know it will be fun - we attended the 2010 Rally. One of the big takeaways for me in Altoona was Stella's firecrackers! We can't wait to try our hand at a batch. Thanks for sharing Jay and Stella.


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Yep, Stella is a real fire cracker...just ask Jay, I'll bet she can really pop when Jay lights her fuse!!! :rolleyes:;)


Iowa Chapter Leaders
Thank you everyone who attended the Iowa Chapter Rally. Your presence helped make this rally a great success!

I hope everyone had as good a time as we did. It was great to meet everyone and look forward to meeting again at the Regional rally in Amana, Iowa this fall.
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