EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: KY, Georgetown - 4/21/2017 to 4/23/2017

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Here are a few notes and pictures of the Kentucky Chapter Rally. Chapter Leaders Neale and Leslie did a great job with this rally.

A special THANK YOU to Bluegrass RV Superstore for their support here is their web page: Bluegrass RV Supercenter https://bluegrassrv.com/

The Heartland gives back project was the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass http://rmhclexington.com/

Lots and Lots of good food at the potluck. IMG_6968-1.jpg Our Leader giving us direction IMG_6974-1.jpg

A very nice fire to keep us warm IMG_6982-1.jpg IMG_7011-1.jpg IMG_7013-1.jpg
All the members enjoying the mealIMG_6983-1.jpg IMG_6984-1.jpg IMG_6986-1.jpg
The winners of the Snap Pads for their RV IMG_6999-1.jpg Winners of the 50/50 money IMG_7008-1.jpg

Here is the parting shot of the attendees after being taught how to smile correctlyIMG_6989-1.jpg What is the magic word???


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Big Thank You to Leslie and Neale for a great rally. We had a great time at the rally and met a lot of great new friends as well as seeing some old friends. Hope to see all in Goshen.


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Our first rally as chapter leaders has come and gone. Leslie and I are grateful for all the help and can't offer a big enough THANK YOU to all the club members who took a chance on the April Kentucky weather and joined us.
We are taking the Ronald McDonald House collection box to them tomorrow to let them add up the monetary donations and tell us the total. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be enough to fulfill a "Dream Big Wish".

We are proud to be Heartland Owners Club members and honored to be Chapter Leaders!


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Congratulations Leslie and Neale on a successful rally even tho the weather just wasn't co-operating. Ya'll had a great turn-out.


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Heartland Give Back

WOW!!!! WOW!!!! and WOW!!!!
Leslie just presented the donation collection box (as well as the box and shopping bag of consumables) from our rally to the Ronald McDonald House of the Bluegrass.
The total monetary contributions came to: $418!!!
Because of the amazing generosity of Heartland Owners Club members we were able to fund one of the Dream Big items on their list!

Leslie and I are so proud and humbled to be a part of a group that cares so much about others. Thank you to the Kentucky rally attendees and thank you to all club members for giving back to those less fortunate

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Very nice!! It was nice meeting everyone. The park has been kind of empty since you all left. As if people do not want to be here now that the cool kids have all left!


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Neale & Leslie,

Had a great time at your rally. See you soon.
Glad y'all were able to join us!

I suspect we'll see each other frequently without our pesky jobs interfering now and looking forward to it.
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