EVENT: Heartland Chapter Rally: TX, Montgomery - 11/3/2022 to 11/6/2022

Added to Calendar: 11/03/22, 11/04/22, 11/05/22, 11/06/22


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
We made our reservations today for site #75 arriving Wednesday Nov. 2nd and departing Monday Nov. 7th.


We will be there as well if God is willing and the creek don’t rise. Making reservations tomorrow!
Beryl and Donna Christian.

Terry H

Past Texas North Chapter Leader/Moderator
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Carol and I made reservations, we will be arriving November 2nd and departing November 7th. We are in Site 50.


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Ok, Made our reservation. We are in site 49 arriving Monday, Oct 31 and departing Nov 7. Peggy and I found a really out of the way winery in that area the last time we stayed there.


Texas North Chapter Leaders-retired
Well, I made a reservation and thought I had posted it. I don't see it. :oops:
We will be there! :cool:

I found it...we are in site 52.
See you soon!