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Thank you for your response Fox20hunter. This is what I was in search of. May I ask what gearing did you have in the 350 that you are comparing to? And, what kind of mileage are you achieving with 450 loaded and empty. I have a RW427 which grosses at 20,000, and is fairly heavy on the hitch weight. With my current vehicle, which I purchased in anticipation of buying the 5th wheel, I am exceeding the labeling of the truck. It pulls it well, with air bags it levels up easily, but if I were to be in an accident I don't know where I would stand legally, and I love the appearance of the 450, just concerned about use when not towing as it would be my daily driver for my short commute to work and to play too. Only silver lining is short commute daily.

I have 4:30's on my F450 and had 3:55's on both F350's. With my F450, I average 15-16 MPG empty and over the course of my towing (34,500 of the 40,000 miles) have averaged 9.3 MPG with averages as low as 7 MPG up to 11 MPG based on terrain and wind. As far as using it to commute or to drive regularly, you will like the F450 much better than a DRW F350 because it is the same wheelbase, but turns SOOOOO much sharper. The turning radius is amazing! The ride quality of the F450 empty is worse than the F350 of the same year, however my F450 rides better and smoother empty than my 2012 F350 DRW, but that is just the difference in the technology and suspension between the 2012's and the 2017.



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Thank you all for the input. I am not comparing, just shopping. I have found that while the payload is not much greater on the 450 than the 350, the brakes, 4:30 diff. (which may or may not be advantageous) and the wide track front end are of interest to me. In addition, the price point of one I am watching is right in line with the 350 of equal trim. Has anyone done any business with Ricart Ford in Ohio? Good, bad or indifferent. Must be a huge dealer as they have in inventory 48 F450 pickups.

We bought our Super Duty from Ricart and had a very good experience. The salesman's name was Dustin Cox (not sure if he's still there tho) and take our truck there for service at there dedicated Super Duty Service Center (across the road from the dealer that they are building onto and the shop foreman lives right down the road from us :) ). They have a full accessory shop so after the sell they'll take you in another office and push all the Ford stuff for your truck but, well, you know that's par for the course.

Good luck and safe travels. :)
I have a 22 F450 XLT, Way to go if you ask me. Pulls 6% grades with our Cyclone without even dropping out of 10th gear,
I drive it to work, it gets 16 mpg on a good day.
4:30 gears on a 10 speed is a good combo.
It rides better than expected empty, Looks a LOT better than a equivalent F350 with the wide track front end and easy to park with the tighter steering afforded by the F450's wide track front end.
When ordering you will find that a 450 comes with more useful standard equipment like a 5th wheel and goose neck prep package , Trailer brake control etc. If you have a 5th wheel I say get the 450. Its totally worth it.


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I purchased my 2017 F450 used during Covid. I was trying to purchase and F350, but wasn't able to locate a decent one during that time. Luckily I ran across this one. I love this truck. The wide track front end is a game changer. The ride is a lot better than expected, but depends on the roads you travel which we all know can be ugly. Safe Travels....