First Long Trip and Repercussions


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I purchased a new Landmark less than two years ago. I have had several major issues and many other problems with this unit. It does seem like a common theme with the Landmark. I have had some good customer service and some very poor customer service from Heartland. I acted as a secret shopper and spoke to the service manager at three different dealerships who sold the Landmark along with other units. Each one said that they would choose another product on their lots e.g., Grand Design, Keystone, Cedar Creek. Each felt that there were less problems with the other units and less of a hassle when dealing with the parent company. My personal point of view is that there is something seriously missing with the quality control at Heartland. Most of my problems should have been found at the factory. The repairs cost thousands of dollars for Heartland and I had to cancel or delay many trips as a result of their poor quality control. Customer loyalty has to be earned. So far mine has not been earned and I will certainly look at other products when it comes time to replace my Landmark.


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Colorado road from Limon to Colorado Springs definitely not the best, nor is I-25.

I-25 through Colorado Springs is pretty bad when pulling a trailer through there . . .

Last January on our way to the 2015 Arizona HOC Rally near Quartzite with our previous 2013 Heartland Trail Runner, it was on I-25 in The Springs (Colorado Springs) while going over an overpass with a big bump in it that we heard a strange noise come from the trailer . . . shortly after (pulled over once we got out of the city) to discover that the trailer was bottoming out on the tires due to bad springs (trailer had less than 5000 miles on it).

The rest of the trip was half lots 'O' fun / half nightmare, which also was the beginning of the end of that trailer for us.

I will say that the Trail Runner had BlowMax tires on it and they got us all the way through that trip and home!

Anyway . . . yes, I-25 is pretty bad through CS . . . and also pretty bumpy near Ft. Collins (even though a complete repaving job has been done in the last 5 years through there!


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John D: Guess I need to do some more checking underneath the coach once this snow melts some and the ground drys up (I hope) this week. I don't see anything unusual with the wheels but better safe than sorry if we have some suspension issues.

We found some new things broken in the coach that I blame on the bad roads and our not realizing how bad things would bounce -- I had the Trail-Aire Center-Point (air) suspension on the SOB that we traded in. NEVER had anything bounce off shelves (not true for stuff left on tables / couch) and definitely never had the stove (range) covers fly off. However, on this trip we did which has resulted in a broken range cover, a ding in the wood below the oven and what appears to be a gouge in the cabinet door of the island. Add to this light weight stuff (cereal boxes, some Little Caeser (spelling ??) dog food containers, and a box of Kleenex brand tissues) that were bounced off shelves in the hutch. At least we didn't have any more of the roof trip come off inside the main room of the coach. Also had some of the items in the bedroom closet rearrange themselves. I should add that we have the Trail-Air kingpin with airbag and shock. This was requested as an add-on when we purchased as we also had that on our trade-in as well.

Oh well, I have seen and read a lot of earlier threads on getting the Mor-Ryde Independent Suspension. There is also a firm just NE of Denver that does a trailing-arm airbag suspension. Might be an item we look into as we get some $$$ back in the account after this purchase. :angel:


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I posted this earlier - must have been else where as I don't see it here. Regardless, made another trip to ABQ and came back on Highway 54. Not the best of roads but definitely better than that stretch from Limon to Colorado Springs. In any case, nothing new fell off. Didn't hit any weather and temperatures were actually warm - almost 50 in the pan handle of Texas and Oklahoma. Did finish 'losing' the water pump though - won't do anything now - stopped working in Albuquerque but then worked a bit just before we left (cycle, thump thump, cycle and then quit.) Overall though a very pleasant trip and the coach was a super retreat from the 11 and 8 year old niece and nephews. Did I ever have that much energy.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Best to all.