First time FL 5th wheel owners with Questions?


We are first time 5th wheel owners and just picked up a 2900mk sundance, the unit is very clean but there is a few problems right off the bat that I didn't catch during the walk thru. First, the floor about mid way is loose, makes a clunk noise when you walk on it, second just so happens the first night we get it home, we have a rare flood that dumped 8 inches of rain on the camper. I discovered several leaks, one being at the bottom corner of the kitchen slide, the wooden trim is wet at the bottom along with the carpet, second being both rear side windows, they were both full of water, and third, the bedroom a/c unit had water coming out of the duct. I think I've addressed the a/c leak, it seams the unit was not tighten down properly on the seal, I did and hope it stopped.Oh, also the dometic main a/c is vibrating pretty bad, it is rattling the closet doors. I checked both fans to see if anything was attached and nothing. Whew, so far thats it. Are these common issues with 5th wheels or am I just lucky. Any input on these problems would be appreciated.Anyway, glad to be a member, and, hopefully glad to be a heartland owner.


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Hi RandyG68,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having. I'm sure other owners will have some feedback for you shortly.


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Congratulations on the new trailer. And welcome to the forum, hang tight and I m sure someone will help out with your questions.
Safe travels out there. :rolleyes: