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I will be going full time in my 22 ft Heartland North Trail in July 2017. I have $1,800 a month which will be my monthly living expense (besides the bills I already have). From those with experience at being full time, will this be sufficient if I do my research on campgrounds, destinations and expenses? I am open to suggestions to the best ways to make my money stretch. Thank you.


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If you camp at really cheap or free sites you might be able to do it on that. Depends on what you consider full timing? Does that include regular travel? When we traveled every few days and stayed at RV parks back in 2006 and 2007 we averaged around 100 per day.

Check out Passport America. http://www.passportamerica.com/

Other may have additional input hopefully. Chris


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You can purchase a Thousand Trails single zone pass and try it for a year for a single payment. I do not know the price, but it should be around $600 to $700 dollars. You choose a zone such as the south east and can stay for two weeks at a time at not cost for 30 amp with full hookups. A $5 dollar a night charge for 50 amps. If the rules are the same, you can do this for up to four weeks and then have to stay out of the TT parks for one or two weeks. After a year you can renew or for get it. If you like it, you can do a search for people selling there full zone passes. Note some are transferable and some are not. Make sure if you do this. You can save money this way.

The parks are being refurbished and many have been completed. It is a good way to save money while camping. Here is the web page: https://www.thousandtrails.com/ Select "Explore Campgrounds" and "Camping Zone Passes" to see the zones.


do your research and when you stay don't pay a daily rate, try to get weekly or if you can monthly. Also, check into workamping, we do it and sometimes work 12 - 18 hours per week (2 days on, 5 off) and you get full hook-ups free.

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If you and your wife are handy and are Christians, you could join the SOWERS ministry, its a group of full time Rvers that travel the country and do volunteer work, you work for 3 weeks and travel to the next job for 1 week, they put you up (free camp sites) and some places even feed you. Its a wonderful organization but quite intense as far as back ground checks. My wife and I are SOWERS but are not on active duty. It a GREAT way to help out and also see the country at the same time, they have work all over the country. Its a wonderful thing !! SOWERS stand for(Servants on Wheels Ever Ready). Hope this helps


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First thing you want to do is look into the ESCAPEES Club and then join. It will be the best $39.00 you've ever spent.


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There is no way for any of us to answer your question. I suggest that you seek the help of a financial advisor to answer your question.

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It may be possible to do depending on where you want to stay. We have found plenty of rv parks where you can stay a month for 5-600 a month. Wherever you go the off season usually has cheaper rates.