Getting Error Message When Trying to Upload Photos


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I can create a "my album", but when I try to upload a picture I just get a system error. Also, can you create a 2009 folder under the rallies and add a Virginia Spring sub-folder to that? Will I need special permission to upload photos to that album?


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Gus F, Dave Y and Bob C,

On an idea from Bob (TXBobcat), I have created a new HOG usergroup called "Rally Photogs". On an "as requested" basis, I will join rally photographers to that usergroup so they can upload their rally images. A Rally Photog does not need to be the chapter leader. They merely need to be a forum member, have been at the rally in question and have the ability to upload the images using the Heartland Owners Gallery.

I have set the permissions of the Rally Photogs usergroup so members of that group can "Add a Sub-Album". This permission also appears to allow photo uploading - which was the goal.

That said, I'd prefer to see the Album Description have some consistency from rally to rally. Note that only a short portion of the description is viewable on the HOG menu bar. As such, I have selected the following schema: STATE - Rally Name in Rally City at Rally Campground/Venue. For example, the Houston rally Album Description is "TX - Spring Rally in Houston at Rayford Crossing RV Resort". This way, for the user, TX will appear on the left-most menu so they have fewer albums to dig through to find the one they want ot view images from.

Any Rally Photogs that have images to upload, please email me to request to be added to the Rally Photogs group.