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Jeff & Cindy, that's the best news I've heard in a while! We have ERS and the two incidents we've had over five years have convinced me it's a good service, prompt and worthwhile. But the endless paper--and written as if we were ten-year-olds! Who writes that stuff and has the audacity to talk down to me like I'm a child? I renew membership and three months later in comes a warning that membership is about to expire! I've got it plugged into my PDA; I don't need paper. I'm calling them tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!


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Thanks all for the advice. One quick question? In everyone's humble opinion, is itbetter to upgrade to RV emergency roadside coverage and towing with AAA, or drop that part and pay the $89 to Good Sam for the same coverage. I would be curious as they seem to provide the same coverages. Wonder which one shows up first when you have problems like a blowout or a overheated truck engine?

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I vote for Good Sam....It has stuck by the Luv Shak in Louisiana, North Carolina, New Brunswick, Quebec, and the other places we have had broken many to recall, but GS has been there.....



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Good Sam ERS bounced me last year. Since it covers all vehicles in your household, we gave my step-daughter the number too.

Well, a tow hear, a jump there, a lock-out over there plus 2 calls for the RV in a year and we "got the letter". We would not be renewed. Good news was we mis-paid and were 2 years paid up at that point.

I worked with GS on the phone and agreed that if we went claim free until some date, that they would not drop us and would remove us from the non-renewable status.

So we're staying with them. But there is a limit if you want to be able to renew with them.


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AAA has a 4 service call limit during a membership year. I was told that Good Sam may have a 6 call limit, but I have not been able to confirm that number. Does anyone know?