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We are trying to decide if we should invest in Good Sam Roadside assistance. Has anyone out there bought in to this? We have been researching this but there are so many mixed reviews out there and we thought that we would get a more honest answer from other Heartland owners.
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HI Bonanza53,

Welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum and to the family. We have a great bunch of folks here with lots of information and all willing to share their knowledge when needed.

I have the Good Sam Roadside and it has been used 3=4 times.... was all good service except 1 time when they did not have service close by. Wait time was about 1.5 hours, but they did take care of it.

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We have Good Sam, but so far have never used it....knock on wood. Wait times could be when and where you have trouble. In the middle of "no where" WY could be an issue with any company you chose.


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We have Good Sam, but so far have never used it....knock on wood. Wait times could be when and where you have trouble. In the middle of "no where" WY could be an issue with any company you chose.

Same with us. Anymore I think roadside assistance is a must have, rving or otherwise.
We had AAA when we only had cars and used them several times while traveling for work.

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We have good Sam, fortunately we have never needed while traveling. My son who is in college needed to use them a couple times for some minor things like a dead battery or flat tire and they took care of promptly.
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We have Coach Net and have used it several times and have been fully satisfied with their service.


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We have both Good Sams Roadside Assistance and Coach-Net Premier towable and can say thankfully, we haven't had to use either. But with that said - you never know when that moment is needed so we are keeping both. Used to have AAA Plus but dropped them.


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We have had Good Sam since Oct 2012. We used it the first time in the desert in Nevada when we blew a tire. I had problems getting phone service, but they were there in an hour. We've used since and have had equally great response.


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We have it and have only needed it once. Service was prompt and courteous. It actually covers both vehicles we drive, regardless of whether or not we're towing the rig or not.


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I have had good service the two times I have used them, but I also know a couple of folks that were very dissatisfied with the service and dropped them. I think a lot depends on your physical location, the GS's rep and the proximity to service providers. I personally would not be without some type of road service. I also have Ford road service with my warranty.


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I've used Good Sam Roadside Service twice.

Once where the truck popped a radiator hose loose and they brought a couple of gallons of antifreeze. The service response was pretty good but I couldn't believe the call to get service. I was on I-70 and the guy on the phone couldn't deal with that. He kept asking for the closest cross street.

The second call was for a broken suspension shackle link discovered as I backed into our storage lot. They were willing to send a service tech out and pay the travel charge. I ended up taking a different approach.

To me the most important consideration is that if your truck breaks down and has to be towed for service, you will also need to have the trailer towed separately or leave it on the side of the road.


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We have been pleased with good Sams and have used it 3 - 4 times in our 20 years traveling. One time the closest help was 3 1/2 hours away but I could see a towing operation right off the interstate we were on.

They would not not give me permission to use it only they would consider reimbursement. We used it and submitted a claim and were paid promptly.

We we had the same "where in the world are you" problem once but I realized I could get coordinates off of the GPS so that solved the problem.


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We don't have GS right now as we have two other roadside assistance programs going . . .

But when we did have it we had the chance to use it once when we ran out of gas a few miles short of the next town out in the middle of Nowheresville, Nebraska.

We had to wait about 1 1/2 hours on the side of the road, so we made that our lunch stop and relaxed in the trailer while we waited.

Here is a shot of us on the side of the road:



We have it. Had a couple of our cars taken a body shop or mechanic. One the key got locked in. Got good fast service. No complaints.

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We have Good Sam and have used it when our daughter broke down on her way to college and another time when our TPMS showed a leak in one of our tires and they brought us out a new one. So far we are happy with them


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SO John.....fuel gauge not working??

Oh, the gas gauge did work (don't have that truck anymore) . . . but our guestimate of the distance to the next town was a little shy.

This was the day before the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota started, and as we passed the gas station in Chadron, Nebraska that was lined up to the hilt with bikers and RV'ers and having 3/4 of a tank of gas, I figured we could make it to the next town.

However, we were driving into a storm with strong head winds, and didn't get the gas mileage to get to the next town.

But there was a silver lining to the story . . .

By running out of gas and sitting on the side of the road, we missed out on a huge hail storm that would have given our then new 2013 Heartland Trail Runner a whole new look!

I like to think that everything happens for a reason . . .


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We haven't had to use Good Sam with the rig but there have been a couple calls over the years with the cars. Always prompt service!

I like the fact that it covers ALL vehicles I own including the motorcycle!