Great Place For A Rally!


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Amy and I stayed for two weeks at St. Cloud Campground & RV Park, near St. Cloud, Minnesota. This campground is one of the best places we've been to. They have everything you need for a great chapter rally. The grounds are well maintained. There's a swimming pool, volleyball area and horseshoe pits. The Rally Center is large and equipped with a kitchen.

For those in Minnesota and the surrounding states, this a great place for rally.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the campground endorsement. We've yet to get a MN chapter off the ground. What's up Minnesota! But when we do, I hope the chapter leaders consider this location for a future rally.



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Purchased our BC on the last day of September in Indiana and have camping our way home ever since. Too bad not much interest in a Minnesota chapter but as we did with the 3650 we'll wait. It's well worth it. Until then look's like we'll be dinning with the Cheeseheads.