Guidelines for posts in the ASK THE FACTORY Forum


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As more Heartland products are sold, the Heartland Owners Forum userbase seems to grow at a similar rate.

As such, the sheer volume of questions posted in the ASK THE FACTORY (ATF) forums for the various products has skyrocketed. This has begun to overwhelm the factory and their ability to answer all the questions in as timely and thorough of a manner as everyone would like.

While most of us feel that Scott, Coley and others have done a great job of keeping up so far, we as a user community really need to provide them some relief.

This is a delicate subject to be certain, and I do not wish to diminish the usefulness of the ATF forums, but we may have to compromise somewhat.

To this end, below are some guidelines that I respectfully ask everyone to do their best to adhere to with respect to the ATF forums:

  1. Use the Search feature of the forum using key words for the issue that you seek factory input on as it may have already been discussed.
  2. Contact your or any Heartland dealer. Especially for pre-sales questions.
  3. Post your question in a specific forum for your issue (for example, Electrical, Plumbing, General etc.). Often times, several other users will have the experience and/or knowledge to help
  4. Contact other owner/users on this forum via email or Private Message (PM) if you'd rather not post your question/issue in a public location

I'll continue to think on this topic and will revise these guidelines over the coming weeks. If you have any specific input for me on this topic, I welcome that. Please email or PM me.

Thank you,

Jim Beletti

Ronald Pagel

red devil

we had had a lot of trouble with out red devil vac.
it will run for about 10 minutes and then shut down and
will not start up for about 2 hours . also the it does
not pickup very good. has there been a problem
with this vac???


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Cenral Vac


I am going to suggest that you check in the dirt devil box out in your storage area. I have heard stories where the extra bags and instruction packet were still in this box; or where the first bag was not hooked up - which caused a mess and no suction. Check there first.


Ronald Pagel

dirt devil

Hi Scott yes we already checked that when we got or Grand Canyon.
when the vac stopped this time i opened the flap on the inside where you]
plug in the hose and the was still some sand in there. but there isn't very much suction when it does run.


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Hi Ron,

Sounds like a thermal shut-down. Mine did that only when the bag of spare parts was still stuffed inside the canister.

I wonder if the press-on filter pad is clogged? It's on the inside of the canister (tank whatever it's called).

If your unit turns on but has little suction, I wonder if their is a leak in the suction tubing? I can see most of tubing behind the bulkhead in my basment. Check yours out with the unit off, then with the unit on by running your hand over all the tubing.

Or - maybe the unit is just bad...