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Great,, Thanks for the link..They look like they will need some more time to have more posters ,,,, Nice to have a forum just for the 5 er


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We looked at MS and compared to the Landmark no contest, the forward thinking of the Heartland folks have brought by far the finest 5th wheeler to the market. IMHO:D



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I noticed yesterday that our friend Jeff has been removed as moderator of the MS forum for "selectively removing" posts that he did not like or did not agree with.


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Hi Jayc,

It is "not" alleged that Jeff removed any posts from the MS forum at 5thwheelforums. The discussion was about what the admin there understood Jeff to do here on the Heartland forum.

For everyone,

While Jeff owned this forum, for his own reasons, Jeff did choose to remove some of his own threads and the ASK THE FACTORY forum.

When a thread is removed, so are all the replies to that thread. This would explain why some folks felt they had posts deleted. It is just how the thread removal process functions. Same for forum removals. When the ASK THE FACTORY forum was removed, all threads and replies to those threads were automatically removed.

Thanks folks,


Tom of Ypsi

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Don and Sheri, Look under the trailer forums for each Heartland product and you will see at the top of each product "Ask the factory" thread.


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Hi Don and Sheri,

The posts you are reading are over a year old. So that's old drama that occurred here. The actual dates of a post appear above the username that made the post.

Tom has set you on the right path for posing questions to the factory that you wish to ask and have answered in public by a factory employee.