Heartland North trail problem


Hi all,

I'm an owner out of Canada Ontario. We bought our trailer 3 years ago and use it pretty much non stop from may-October.

Don't get me wrong I expect some wear and tear that comes from use, however; pretty much from the day we brought it home we have had issues. The first year alone we had sever plumbing problem and water ran like a water fall from the rear of the trailer, the awning material had been cut wrong when manufacturing so we required a whole new awning then some smaller things like issues with the hot water ect.

Over the last few years our rv dealership have gotten to know me really well which I feel really bad about since this isn't their fault.

Now I'm at my white end. This spring when opening the trailer, we discovered the floor was soft in the bedroom. After inspection and taking it to the dealership we learned that it failed the bubble test and there is several spots in which the drain spout didn't properly connect and the seals were failing. This as a result caused a prolonged leak and has damaged the subfloor and the floor in the storage compartment. The rv place we deal with told us this is a big job as they have to pull the cabinets out to replace the floor and reseal everything. They submitted a claim on our behalf since we are within the 3 year warranty mark whi h says it covers floors, walls and structural components.

Heartland has denied our claim recognizing that it was a slide-out seal issue.

So now I come to you. We have heard from a few other Heartland owners that have had nothing but hardship with their Heartland rvs. Are any of experiecing similar issues? Do you have any advice on how to proceed.

We are going to fight the denied claim, as these have been on going issues and we purchased the extended warranty as well as having proof of doing the recommended up keeps and maintenance through our dealership.
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Its tough to hear your story, but its not all that uncommon to have a water leak that was left go , un-noticed that caused extensive damage. Water kills Rvs. As to what to do next, isolate the source of the leak. Due to the fact the leak damaged the floor, yikes I hope you can get some help. Most times the structural warranty really only seems to apply if there was a fault in the building of that component, not damage after the fact due to water intrusion.