Heartland Owner's Club to Continue in 2022 and Beyond


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Change is scary, for some. That's why some people still watch "Gunsmoke" as opposed to adapting to different ideas or concepts. Jim is gone from Heartland, don't expect a "new" Jim. Jim was not the club, the members are the club. In fact, I don't remember Jim attending any of the many rallies in the southwest that I had attended. Let's all get behind this new phase of the Heartland club, stop the blame game, and help generate new ideas and a new direction for our future enjoyment.
It's not about Jim it's about an involved leader of the club. That is not the Heartland front office. So far not so good. A questionnaire about quality isn't a good start.


Hello, Just wanted to send a reply to thread about replacing Jim. There will be a team of people supporting the owners club, the rallies, the event hosts etc. The survey that was sent out wasn't about quality, it was to gain insight on what our owner club members would like to see in the future and what they would like to continue to see. And we received some great feedback, which we have already started to implement. The new team is here to support our owners. Please feel free to reach out to the team either here on the Forum or via email at Marketing@heartlandrsvs.com. We will also be at the upcoming rally in Elkhart, IN. Looking forward to hearing from you.