Heartland warranty for 2nd owner

Hello, new to the forum and also 6 months into our rv adventure. I recently reached out to heartland and was informed that their structural warranty only applies to the first owner and will not honor any warranties on factory defects after the first owner even if within time period. Is this true?


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Nobody on this forum works for Heartland but it seems like others have been in your shoes, warranty applies to the original owner.
It's probably stated in the fine print of the warranty statement.
If you are having issues you might try posting a question here on the forum and perhaps someone can offer some useful information.



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I Read that statement in my warranty when I purchased our camper. It wasn't in fine print at all. Very first paragraph.


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That is true. The warranty is for the original owner only, no matter how old the unit is. It is unfortunately what all RV manufacturers do. So it is not just heartland that has this policy. Heck if the units brand new on a lot and has some defect causing water damage, good luck trying to get it covered under warranty.