Warranty Issue


We have a 2022 Mallard Pathfinder P18BHS. The refrigerator started leaking ammonia so we took into our dealer (CW but issue is not with them at this point). CW went directly to Dometic which denied full replacement but is sending new cooling unit which could take 6 weeks...and then I have to deal with CW tech availability so we could be down for a while.

I called Heartland and quite honestly, they weren't a lot of help. They stated the dealer was correct in going directly to Dometic. But my camper is still under the full 1 year warranty from Heartland and I asked why Heartland won't just send a replacement and honor the warranty and then they need to deal with Dometic. The agent repeated over and over that I bought a Heartland camper and they don't deal with the individual components even though it specifically lists on their website what the warranty covers by them.

Are there any recourses?


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When we bought our Cyclone, it was very clear that the Heartland warranty only covers what is built by Heartland. Warranties for components like appliances are always covered by the manufacturer of that appliance. I think the only recourse would be if it was discovered that Heartland damaged something during installation of the appliance, but if it's a pure part failure then Dometic needs to cover that.


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I would contact Dometic directly myself and explain your situation.Ask them what they can do to speed up the replacement cooling unit. The install time should only be around 4 hours,this is removing fridge from cabinet..removing old coolIng unit and reinstall.these cooling units are pre charged,...its simple bolt on back of fridge and SEAL the unit..this is the most important step.
Reinstall in cabinet.. I had one done in a campground last year.


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Recourse for a warranty that's actually working to get the unit repaired? Sounds like everything is proceeding as it should.