Hi y’all,

First and foremost, I did not really read through anyone else’s posts, I just figured I would start my own, and hope that some people are able to help me better understand how things work and so on, so if my questions or concerns have already been answered elsewhere I do apologize and would be grateful if you would just point me in the direction of said posts… anyway, here it goes…

We purchased a BRAND NEW 2022 Trail Runner 27RKS in the end of 2021. We have had MULTIPLE issues with it despite it being lightly used since purchase. We have taken it to the dealership service center and have had them fix everything they said was covered under warranty. Currently, there are a few things that we were told (even by Heartland) that are not covered under warranty, and the service center was wanting a few thousand dollars or so to repair it all. 😒 So, we’ve decided to do the repairs ourself, but need to know where we can purchase the parts and pieces needed to do so… both of the closets in the bedroom need to be worked on, potentially replaced due to mold and water damage. Some trim needs to be replaced/put back into place… the slide out needs to be straightened out (we purchased it like that, sitting crooked and not straight, because the saleswoman told us there was nothing wrong with it, but bringing it up to the service center they said there are issues with it)… where would we find the same wood or material that was used originally, or is that not possible? Was looking to see where we could find some sort of catalog with supplies, parts, accessories and so forth, pertaining to our RV?? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. We are not super well-versed in this topic, so please keep that in mind before telling me I sound stupid… I’m aware there’s a chance I sound that way lol and thank you in advance!
Always try Heartland Parts at the Heartland number. Or send a request on the website to the parts department. With your VIN, they can look up the original part numbers. If they still have parts, they sell at very reasonable rates. Need a PayPal account to pay for them. I’ve bout slide rollers and hydraulic leveling jacks.