HOC Chat issues


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So I think we are all having issues with the server being CRAZY busy and it taking sometimes several hours to even be able to log in,..but for the last few days I am getting this when I try and log into the Chat,..and other times it lists me as a "Moderator" which I am about as qualified to do as a snapping turtle...

Room creation is denied by service policy


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Been that way for a few months now, was OK when neutron was on there as it always showed someone was on chat. I end up as a moderator if I am the first one there.


Are we talking about the same thing?


Seems to work for me. If it works for you now, maybe there was a transient issue that cleared.

Let me know if it's still not working, or if it's the lower bar chat system that you're talking about.



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LK I get in when I try to go on chat with PSI, And I got it with your link also 4:30 pm wed.