Hot water heater door latch

Good morning!, I've dug through the threads but can't seem to find anything pertaining to the hot water heater door latch. I had an opps while leaving some property and rubbed the hot water heater door off on the gate. I ordered a new door and latch set along with pin hinges. Everything went back together well but this door and the previous never seemed to fit tightly to the RV body. It is almost like the spring latch doesn't have enough gumption to pull that door tight without pulling out through the hole that the clips are in.
I've looked at the how the unit fits inside the RV and it might be a little off but that door is gap away from body by 1/4" or so. Does anyone have a DYI method to get that door tighter to the body? I've tried a washer but I just don't think the spring is strong enough. Maybe a different method to latch the door?
Okay so thanks to You Tube I discovered I had the latch assembly installed backwards. In other words I had the spring on the outside of the bracket instead of behind it. It's a miracle! Door is closed tightly now. :)

Bobby A

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I bought and installed a new latch 2 years ago, I had a heck of a time putting the latch on also, my kit came with 2 latches and a little tool for the spring. I ruined the first latch LOL luckily it came with 2 in the package. It is a little challenging though, I eventually go it.