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Just saying Hi. New Prowler Lynx owner as of last June. Completely forgot about this portal until today although I registered a long while back. I'll get some photos up once I've got a couple of posts in.


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Hello and Welcome!

I've promoted you - go ahead and post some picture today :)

Thanks for the welcome! We live southeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Haven't ventured more than 2 and a half hours away yet. Camping season is still over 3 months away. :( 2016 Prowler 285LX



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Welcome to the Heartland family.

Please be sure to post more photos of you and your Prowler in action!


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Welcome to the Heartland Family from the US Pacific Northwest!! If your ever down in our neck of the woods, please don't hesitate to look us up and join us for a rally or two.



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Welcome to the Heartland Forum. There are a lot of helpful people here to answer any questions you might have. Enjoy your new rig. Safe Travels.