Introducing Heartland Owners Gallery


We are bringing online our latest addition to the Heartland Onwers online family....

Heartland Owners Gallery (HOG for short)
This area is setup for forum members to be able to share Heartland and RV related photos. The HOG is only accessible by registered members of the forum. Please use the same good taste with your posted images that we've come to appreciate in the forum posts. For information on uploading images to the HOG, please check this website (Note, this website is not part of the Heartland Owners site.) We suggest using the 'How to Add Items from your Web Browser' section.

For discussion and questions about HOG, please use the new Heartland Owners Gallery section of the forum.

As usual, all feedback is very welcome!


Founding Canadian Region Director - Retired
HELP with new features

I have been to the website you suggest. This might be great for people who know what they are doing but for a none computer person like me it was Greek! Maybe at the rally we could get some instruction. I have been trying to just add a picture to my posting and have not yet got that figured out.
The Add items and from web browser I can not even find.
Any help would be appreciated.
I love all the new things happening on the form and portal but I am sure I am not the only person having problems. It could be a way to get more people involved.


Morning Wayne,
We are working on a more inclusive / easier to follow tutorial for using HOG. We will be posting it soon.

We have changed a setting on HOG. Initially, when you visited HOG for the first time, it would automatically create a gallery for you. The new setting requires you to click on 'Your Album' at the top right side of the HOG to actually create your user album. Please only use this link when you are ready to upload images.

NOTE: This does not change the ability of you to browse around the photos that have been put online by other Heartland Owners. Everything else still works the same.