Introducing Micro-Air, Inc. as a Heartland Owners Club Vendor Partner

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I am pleased to announce that Micro-Air, Inc. is the latest after-market product company to be welcomed into the Heartland Owners Club Vendor Partnership program.

As a partner, Micro-Air will do a few things for owners and members:
  1. Engage in the Micro-Air sub-forum here on the Heartland Owners forum as warranted - with a focus on pre-sales and technical matters
  2. Provide product specials from time to time, to our owners and members
  3. Provide product donations to our club for events (to be coordinated through Club HQ - Jim Beletti)
Two really cool products Micro-Air makes for the RV industry are:
  • Easy Start: This is a microprocessor controlled device that manages the startup of an RV air conditioner by controlling the current ramp-up. In doing so, starting the air conditioner from a small generator or battery/inverter system is made possible. I use an Easy Start in my Sundance and start/run my AC from battery/inverter
  • Easy Touch RV: This is a replacement thermostat for most RV HVAC systems (Dometic and Coleman). The color touch screen provides a host of advanced features and is also WiFi controllable
Our primary contact for our Micro-Air Vendor Partnership is:
Kevin Carlin, Director of Sales
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