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Effective 4/22/2018, Nathan and Byrd Mathis (Nabo) have assumed the role of Southeast Region Directors.

Nathan and Byrd are taking over from Dave Yocum, founding Region Director of the Southeast Region. Thank you, Dave, for 13 years of service to the club and your region.

The Southeast Region includes these Chapters: Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia (including West Virginia). HOC members can choose to belong to any active Chapter regardless of their state/province of residence.

Please join me in welcoming, Nathan and Byrd Mathis, your Southeast Region Directors.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
Congratulations Byrd and Nathan and thanks for stepping up.

Dave, of course, thanks to you for many years of service to the club.


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Dave - thank you so much for your 13 years of service to the Heartland Owners community through your grass roots organization efforts, your first rallies before there was even a club, your Forum Moderator duties, Chapter Leadership duties and of course, Region Director duties. You had an amazing run my friend. Time to sit back, relax and be a participant :)

Nathan and Byrd - I am so pleased that you accepted the Region Director Role. You also had an amazing run as Chapter Leaders for my former state of Tennessee. I'm pleased that I made it to some of your rallies. You guys are going to do great. And you have an amazing team of Chapter Leaders which will make your role easier. Congratulations!


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Congrats Byrd since I know you will be the one running things! Lol

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Congratulations and Thank You Byrd and Nathan for stepping up to the role of Southeast Region Directors. We hope to attend your regional rallies in the years to come.

Thank You Dave for your many years of service. We had a great time at the Southeast Rally in Tennessee a couple years ago. Hope to see you down the road at rallies.


South Carolina Chapter Leaders-Retired
Thanks Dave for your contribution to the southeast region. Welcome Nathan and Byrd! Thanks for taking on the leadership role for the region! We are looking forward to working with you!


Pacific Region Directors-Retired
Congratulations Nathan and Byrd!! Dave, you have left some really big shoes to fill and your contribution to the HOC is so appreciated!

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