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I have some items from our BH3670 days that I'd like to sell to a good home.

1) GM-1518 Winegard Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna System. Comes with a DISH ViP211k Receiver, Ground Tripod, Ladder Mount accessory, Power Transformer (120V - 12V), and cables. It's been in storage in my basement for a couple of years, but worked fine last time we used it. Stopped using it because the trees behind our seasonal site grew and blocked the Southern sky. Asking price: $500.

2) Port-A-Deck system. This is the large version (48" x 48") with the Port-A-Step accessory. This is height adjustable and easily collapsed and stowed. Excellent for those long or seasonal stays, especially for us older folks or when bringing goods into the 5th wheel. Asking price: $600

3) Sewer Solutions Set, with extra hose. Uses water to macerate and flush the goods from your black tank. Asking price: $75

4) I also have two Weber Q200 portable gas grills, complete with folding rolling stands, covers, and zippered carry bags. Asking price: $80 each or both for $140.

5) A Patty-O screen shade (brown) that fits an 18 foot main awning rail. Asking price: $25

If interested and in the SE Michigan area, PM me. For a small fee, they could be delivered to the Michigan Rally.


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Please let us know when these are sold.

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