Just some ideas for the trail Runner


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I'm a happy customer, just some ideas to pass on to Heartland/ community.

We just went through our new trailer with the technician and found some items. Heartland should take more care in putting in the plastic tub surround. 50% of the lower edge became unglued. Also, any edging where water could migrate into around shower tub should be caulked and sealed (there was none).

The area identified as "TV Backing" area leave virtually no room to place a TV by the couch. We had to place the TV much lower on the dining area wall and found no proper back there.

If there is any way to add on a short bit of counter space right by the kitchen sink (right side) that could be folded up or down or added as a clip-on attachment, that would be appreciated in newer versions as an idea to consider.

The TV antennae rotation hand wheel is extremely tight to move. The up and down works great though and incidentally analogue reception is A-1 with booster turned on. However, there is no signal at all between the outside satellite connector and inside (labelled) satellite connector. This was electronically proven as N/S by the technician. Why not add another satellite connector on the other side of the awning side of the trailer? We have a portable Anser satellite and for security, by our door for satellite placement would be better than at the back of our trailer.

There was no support arms of any type installed to keep the lid open under the mattress of the front bed. This should be mandatory hardware as it is cheap, lightweight and with the weight of the mattress - essential!!

Why not consider something to install for hanging coats/ jackets on as a standard install in the trailer? We installed a 4 hanger hook behind the bathroom door. (Hanger model from top of door). Plus on left side if entry door coat hooks were installed on wall.

A light switch at the front of the bunk beds that control both back wall lights would be good.

At least a small medicine cabinet in all trailers should be standard. There is no spot to put your stuff into. It should also be standard to install a towel rack and toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom.

My wife says if there is someway to add a third drawer in the kitchen cabinets, as a standard install, that would be great.

These are all ideas for Heartland to consider for the Trail Runner 25SLE (SN - 5SFEB2922CE246407) FUTURE PRODUCTIONS. We have or will fix and make adjustments to the above items ourselves. We really like our trailer and are looking forward to many happy days ahead in our travel trailer. Overall, though GREAT technology was put into the trailer and well put together.

Don & Shirley Benedict
Thunder Bay, Onatraio, Canada


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We had the selling dealer install gas springs on the bed as part of the negotiations.
And convert the table from twin pedestal posts to standard legs, being able to move the table gives us more options with the floor plan.


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Well, next year at this time, gas springs for the storage lid under the bed will be a priority for sure.

The dining table with fold out legs works good for us as we can use the table outside too.

Thanks for your reply :)