Lighting suggestions for the 3570

I would suggest that the designers of the BH add a light in the laundry closet. I realize this might present a problem with a ceiling fixture with stackables in place but the closet is really dark.
We added an LED strip light kit from Ikea to the ceiling of the closet and it works great. We mounted the switch right inside the closet on the left hand side. This works well but it seems like a light should be installed by the factory as this is a functioning space.

I would also like to see a dimmer on the overhead bedroom lights or put the four lights on two separate switches. As it is, the only choices are a dark bedroom (especially when the awning is extended) or super bright lights with all four ceiling lights on. We will probably install a dimmer but it will mean replacing the LED light bulbs with dim-able ones which are not inexpensive.

I really dislike the two LED lights over our dining room table, and I see that the newer production models have a single hanging fixture....much nicer. I think we will put a dimmer switch on these lights as well as they are very bright and are both either on or having just one on.

We added a diffuser and LED bulbs to the fixture over the sink; something the factory also changed after our model was produced.

I also suggest putting a second switch on the wall next to the refrigerator for the overhead LEDs that are in the kitchen/RV slide. We use these lights all the time and I'd like to be able to turn them on in the kitchen and not have to walk in front of the RV to turn them on or off.

I do appreciate all the lighting in the BH. We rarely use the reading spotlights but the rest are used a lot as the interior is quite dark with the tinted automotive windows.


Carol & John,

I completely agree with the light in the laundry closet. We added one also (battery operated), but sounds like you found a better solution.