Lippert chassis modification


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I just finished fabricating and installing the three spring shackle cross braces according to the Lippert technical information bulletin. I’m not sure that they are necessary but I feel a whole lot better with the braces in place. I know how the axels and tires twist during a hard turn on blacktop and while backing in to some spots. Here are a couple of picturures. The one in the rear I had to offset a section down to clear the water tank and insulation. I was afraid of putting to much pressure on my tank heating mats.

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Am I looking at picture number #3 incorrectly? It looks like you have attached a brace across one set of your Lippert hydraulic struts.
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Looks really good. Now, is this something Lippert recommends? IMO, if this is to correct some failures due to poor engineering and could present a safety hazard, then it should be part of a general recall. Kind of like recalls on vehicles , seeing as how this could affect innocent folks driving down the road and not just property.
There have been numerous failures of shake brackets and frames damaged because of defective parts and materials produced by this company.
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