Loading an Argo 8x8 into the garage of a 427RW


Has anybody tried loading an Argo Frontier 8x8 into a 427RW or other Toy Hauler with a bathroom?

The dimensions are 119" by 58" - so the nose will stick 7" past the little bathroom wall on the left.

It also means it has to be loaded towards the right of the Toy Hauler next to the wall and can't be centered in the garage.

On the other hand it only weighs 1200 lbs.

Anybody with personal experience with this or a similar UTV?


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We used to have a gas power golf cart and it went between the bathroom and right-side wall. It was off centered, no issues with the weight.
Now we traded the golf cart and own a Can Am Spyder, it is also loaded a little off-center, no issues with the weight.
Our Spyder weighs in around 950lbs. It is a couple hundred pounds lighter than the golf cart.