Love making memories with our kids

We love making memories with our kids. We're looking forward to making new memories this year with our children. We're planning on going to new camp sites in Upstate NY. We love taking pictures and scrapbooking our memories, especially on rainy days. And each year we make a new one to add to our collection. We're looking forward to starting the season off with our new Elkridge. And wish we knew how to share our pictures of our family fun.
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I wanted to scrapbook so badly...but made just a few pages and decided it just wasn't for me! Then I found and fell in love! You can make digital scrapbooks along with other projects! I make a photo book each year (now that we have grandchildren - the last 2 years have had to be split into 2 books!) and they are absolutely gorgeous!
I love shutterfly as well, and have made a few memory books through them. I find it rewarding watching my girls, get creative with their scrapbooking pages. If it wasn't for them, I probably would use the shutterfly to make more of my memory books. Because it is easier, and less fuss.


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I love to scrapbook, but still working full time and can't find the time. I'd planned to scrapbook our trailer trips, but I'm 2 years behind now!! ;-P I switched to blogging our trips, and I try to do it while on the trip, so I can capture the details and the memories as they happen. I can't get all the pictures that I take into the blog, but at least it's capturing the moments, and easy to share.