Major Manufacturing Defects on New 2013 Big Horn - PLEASE HELP!!!


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Kathy is correct. The sticker is at the front corner of the left (ODS) just before the over hang. I would compare it the date you ordered the coach. I'm not sure if they are still silver in color or maybe yellow now. The date should be 2-3 weeks or so after the your order was placed.


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FYI - If you want to get a dealer or manufacturer to quit helping then mention you are getting a lawyer and are going to sue. They will shutup for fear of anything said coming back to haunt them. And all the 'legal' advise you get here on this forum is just BS. If you want legal advise contact an attorney and keep it to yourself. Not trying to be mean or ugly just stating fact. If you want help then remember sugar is sweeter than vinegar. Good luck in getting things fixed but if you want horror stories I dare you to compare yours with mine. I will tell you Heartland will go over and above what most other manufacturers will to keep their customers happy. I had a cabinet door come loose on my 2013 Landmark and it was fixed by me with some white glue and a clamp 7 month ago and is still holding. Sounds to me that the dealer is to blame to the poor quality repair. Also most of the components on any RV are not manufactured by the RV manufacturer. The RV manufacturer gathers the various componets from other manufacturers such as Lippert, Dometic, Flexsteel, Sharp, Sony, Dexter etc and then puts them all together. Things like the sidewalls are made by Heartland. So remember it doesn't matter if you have a Big Horn, a Prevost or anything in between most of the components are the same, i.e. Dometic or NorCold refrigerator, Dexter axle, Dometic toilet, MCD Blinds etc. One thing you can be sure of is when you 'get the bugs worked out' you will have coach that will serve you well for many years to come. Good Luck and Happy Camping
A lot of curious people out here wondering what you determined when you looked up the build date. If in fact they pulled a fast one on you we would all like to know so we never do business with that dealer and Heartland might possibly pull their product line from them.


Well, you are correct about everything being purchased from vendors and not manufactured in house. Yes, the quality starts way before Heartland begins their process. It is very upsetting for things to happen with a new coach.....By the way, I went back with Towmax tires. I feel they are as good as any.