MCD Replacement Shade Policy


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Hey Folks-

I am sure I am not the first person this has happened to but, just wanted to give you a "Heads Up".

While we were away one day our Mini Schnauizer missed us so bad she chewed on one of our MCD shades.

I contacted MCD for a replacement and Lori Wright quoted me a full replcaement for both shades and the mounting bracket for $249. including shipping. I thought she misunderstood me but, she says because there are so many variations in window sizes they cannot sell just a single shade and must make the whole set ( blackout shade, screen, and bracket )

I think with the amount of business the RV industry, not just Heartland, supplies MCD they could help out a customer now and then - oh well.

We are going to find some light beige duct tape ($3.99) and live with it.