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I just purchased a 2018 Mallard M26 and use it for work as I travel a 10 state area. I love the trailer and it pulls great. I carry dress clothes with me and the storage closets are way too small especially for suits or dress pants. What would be nice is if you had a version of this trailer without the bunks and in place a larger bathroom and full closest. What I plan to do with this trailer is to remove the bunks, install a larger bathroom sink into that area with a cabinet thus making the bathroom a little larger. Build a full closet, remove the outdoor kitchen and convert that area into more usable storage.


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That sounds like some worthwhile modding.
Be sure to take some pics as you go and post them here on the forum. Although probably most owners are not using their trailer the way you are you might give others some great ideas.
Be sure to check out the owners club by clicking on the Owners Club tab in the tool bar above.
Then show up at a rally to show off your work.