My Brilliant Wife Modifies Cabinet Space


So, what do you do when it rains all camping weekend and you're tired of playing cribbage? If you are my wife you modify the cabinets!

We have a 2016 MBL390 and the narrow cabinets between the fridge and the microwave are tall but skinny. We had been putting paper plates and cups in one and spices in the other. So my wife doubled the space. Here's how:

1/4 " Foam board (we got ours at Hobby Lobby)
3M Command Strips Hook
Utility knife
Tape measure

Measure the foam board to the width- even a smidge wider so that it wedges in place. Then place the command strip hooks so that the board will sit on top of the strips. Poke a small hole into the foam board so that the board seats into the hook. You have a shelf in the space that makes it more useable. It won't hold pots and pans, but for lighter stuff it really expanded the space nicely.

San n Tafi


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New Mexico Chapter Leaders-retired
Great idea, I'm stealing it to use in my Gateway skinny cabinets! I'm in NM so I don't think I can wait for a rainy weekend to do it though, lol.;)


Southeast Region Director, HOC
Cool beans and I see what ya did after turning the pictures. Thanks for sharing.