NC Chapter Rally in Franklin NC August 21-23 2015


Retired North Carolina Chapter Leaders
Just an invite to all who are able to come to NC in August. we have sites available until the 2nd week of the month. After that, the sites held will be open to other rally or general public. So, hope to see as many members as can come. As this is our first attempt, we could sure use any suggestions and help in having a great rally. there are many things to do in the mountains such as rafting, gem mining, a Cherokee casino run by Harrahs that have wonderful shows and restaurants. Nearby is a great museum for bike lovers called Wheels of Time. Come on over.

Rob and Betty Ford


Southeast Region Director-Retired
We know you will have a great rally and sorry that we can not be there. I agree that the mountains of NC have alot to offer so if you haven't been to this area, come, you won't regret it.