need Entertainment System owner's maunal

Greetings. This is my first post - and I'm very glad to find this site! We just purchased a 22RBK - we are first time camper owners..... I was careful with all the owners information, but, alas, I have lost the owners manual for our "Linear Series" CD/radio. There are numerous questions I still have about it. Does anyone have one they would share - or a .PDF, etc.? THANK YOU in advance.
Jon Bailey
Tenants Harbor, ME


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Hello MaineDivers and welcome to the Heartland Owners Forum.
What brand and model is your "Linear Series"?
Have you looked in the "Tools" area at the top of the page for the operating manual for your particular model?
There are a bunch to look at.

Thank you!! My unit does not have a model number on it. The one you found is not an exact match. However, I'm printing out this manual as I believe it is close enough to be of useful. Thank you!!