need help with my 2023 3714 cyclone


We are experiencing many many problems since the first day picking up our new trailer. We have had many trailers in the past but nothing with this amount of problems. We are taking it to a local camping world and we have been told that since we did not buy it from them they cannot repair everything that is on our list through the warranty. I am trying to reach out to heartland representative to help us with our 2023 trailer. Can somebody help us?


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So it's not unusual for a dealer that didn't make the original sale to balk at warranty repairs.

If you can find a mobile tech that can/will take on the problems, you may be able to get them addressed that way. But be aware that Heartland will have to approve any repairs before they are done. Otherwise you will be on the hook to pay the tech. Talk to Heartland service about that. Have your VIN ready when you call.

As Camping World has a less than stellar reputation for repairs, you may have dodged a bullet there.