New 3-year structural warranty from Heartland


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[h=1]Heartland announces three-year limited structural warranty[/h][FONT=&quot]September 18, 2017 in RV Industry News Leave a comment [/FONT]
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ELKHART, Ind. — In line with a strategic initiative to improve overall quality and streamline customer service, Heartland Recreational Vehicles announced the launch of a three-year limited structural warranty. The program goes into effect covering new manufactured units on Nov. 1.
The move comes on the heels of Heartland’s multi-pronged expansion project in January at its Elkhart, Indiana, headquarters and Cruiser RV/DRV Luxury Suites division in nearby Howe that added more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and included a dedicated facility to pre-delivery inspection (PDI).
“The three-year limited structural warranty is an extension of Heartland’s focus on quality,” said President Chris Hermon. “Since opening the PDI center we have performed comprehensive testing on over half the units produced by Heartland. Because of that focus we are comfortable and confident on adopting the three-year structural warranty. It serves as confirmation that we are listening to our customers and are intent on improving their overall experience.”
The warranty program allows Heartland’s dealers to file claims and obtain approval on-line. The company will also oversee claims by component suppliers to significantly cut wait times.
Along with the focus on quality and PDI, Heartland has formed a new partnership with IDS in an effort to minimize dealers’ time on the backside. IDS representatives will have a table in both the Heartland and Cruiser displays at the Open House.
“We are 100 percent committed to giving our customers, and our industry partners, a no-hassle experience with regard to service after the sale,” Hermon noted. “The warranty reinforces our existing programs that ensure our customers have peace of mind when they purchase a Heartland, Cruiser or DRV product.”



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I would love to see what the "limited structural warranty" details.


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Forest River just dumped there second year owner past $150 warranty. Just 1 year.

Heartland adds a 3 year Warranty. Makes me happy I bought a Heartland even though mine is only 1 year Manufacturer, we purchased extended ourselves.