New Member & Owner (2018 Terry Classic V21)


Big Papa
Will post pics of interior mods as soon as i can..... We are excited to be participating in the upcoming Stone Mt. Regional Rally in April.
Alucard, congratulations on your new purchase. How exciting!!! I have been comparing the v22 with the v21. I have been able to go inside the v21 and love it, but have not found a v22 to explore and compare. Were you able to go inside a v21? If so, why did you decide on the v22? I love the kitchen in the v22, but didn’t care for the bedroom. It also seemed like the v21 may have more room in the living area but so hard to compare when I can only see the v22 on YouTube. We are very seriously considering purchasing the v21. I would love your thoughts!
B.Arnel, my post to Alucard was also meant for you. I would love your input. I just adore the Terry Classic and can’t wait to get one. Tell me why you chose the v21 over the v22. I love the floor plan of the v21. Wish the kitchen had a bit more counter space but figure most of the cooking will be done outside, and I can use the table inside for extra counter space if needed. I was thinking that I would have my husband install a lift up section of counter right in front of the sink that I could use when needed. No drawers under it, so no problem. Would block the hall but I don’t see that as being a big problem.