New to me 2015 29PRKS Prowler


Bought a 2015 29prks prowler love the lay out of it , but it is only 3 years old and already the walls are bulging out. You can see at the seams when going into the bedroom that they are lifting where the the walls join.You can see the bulge in the wall from the seam and at other places.There is also around the counter the molding is shrinking pulling away from the counter. We bought this trailer brand new, there was not a proper PDI done on it. There was dust from the production line in the cupboards. The furnace crapped out on us when we went to use it the first time after we got the trailer .The air conditioning vent in the living room by the tv still had a plug in it , this was the cut out piece that was not removed once it was supposed to be vented but left in the vent and the cover put back on.I ended up removing the cut out plug myself.Shower taps where not properly tightened as we had water running under the bathroom sink,under the wall towards the door.I found out after I had my shower when I was walking back to the living area. Sofa wasn't bolted down to the floor. When walking on the rug my spouse felt something sharp on her feet, went to check it out, found out it was staples not properly in place on the rug.. I had to get down on my hands and knees and slowly run my hand along the rug to find staples sticking out and pulling them out. When completed I got about a handful of staples that were not put in properly. We have had other trailers previously and we never had issues like this. Has anyone run into problems like this and what can be done about it. Thanks