New to me f350 dually


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Man am I flying high right now. We just bought a new f350 crew cab diesel dually with the 7.3 liter motor. I live in Michigan and I spent 4 days searching on Graigslist.
We found one that has the banks sytem with the edge programmer. Its 2002 and well kept up.It has an indash dvd player and an overhead tv in the rear at the headliner. So the front and back both have TVs. I sold my truck with a plow. It was a 2002 f350 single cab with 160,000 miles. This one has 130,000 miles and a plow. The difference between the 2 was $2800.00. I saw another truck like it in ohio 2003 with 7.3 liter for 10,000.00 more than the one I bought. I was wondering if anyone has the banks exhaust brake and if you like it and dependable? I spent 2 days cleaning and waxing this beast. It looks brand new and I saved 45,000 big ones buy buying this truck.
Ron ps I took a plane to ct. and drove it back with the plow in the bed and she got 19 miles to the gallon. This one is 2002 year

Ray LeTourneau

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Ron, congrats on the new truck! Is it set to tow or do you have to get a hitch installed? I bet you can't wait to get it hooked up for the first pull.


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Hello Ray. It doesnt have a hitch yet. I am going tommorow and have my curt20k installed. It was only used to pull a trailer. This truck sets 4 inches lower than my other truck. This one should level out my sundance nicely.