New Upgrade To KIB Tank Monitoring Systems on the Way


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During a websearch today, I came across listings for a KIB Tank Monitors (the brand installed by Heartland) UPGRADE circuit board for the older monitors that says that it will vastly improve tank level readout accuracy, and will interface with a Bluetoooth smartphone.

The Title bar of this webpage says: "COMING SOON", though.

I thought that a description of what the new circuit board does important enough that I would post it here, although you can see it on the webpage linked:

"After being installed properly, in a “man in the middle” configuration, the Tank Whisper Board:

  • gets 12 Volt power from the existing tank wire harness
  • communicates with the existing tank sensors over the existing wire harness using the patented (U.S. Patent No. 10,760,937) Tank Whisper process that more accurately determine the tank levels.
  • communicates with the existing KIB monitor panel so the corrected tank levels are displayed on the existing KIB monitor panels.
    • Tank Whisper displays the same four levels of precision (Empty, 1/3, 2/3, Full), but the levels are much more accurate than with the KIB monitor panel by itself. This is especially true for the Black and Gray tanks. "
ON EDIT: I followed the link embedded on the webpage and found this additional information:

" How does Tank Whisper® work?

Our patent pending Tank Whisper® technology can be thought of as an “active sonar system.” Whereas sonar uses sound waves to send information through water and listens for an echo response, Tank Whisper® emits low voltage electrical signals over wires and listens for the electrical response from the tank probe.

By whispering small electronic signals to the tank probe system and carefully analyzing the response, Tank Whisper™ is able to determine the correct level of liquids in the tank. This even works for black tanks that have displayed nothing but “FULL” for years.

Our patent pending Tank Whisper™ technology integrates with the simple, low-cost tank monitoring probe systems that have been installed in most RVs over the past 30 years. Tank Whisper® enables RV owners to finally get correct tank level measurements. Our technology integrates a signal generator and custom signal analysis software with a built-in computer. Tank Whisper® plugs into the existing wiring to send more sophisticated signals to the existing tank probes.

Will Tank Whisper® work in my RV?

Tank Whisper® can return correct measurements of fresh, gray, and black tank levels in most RVs. Compatible RVs must:

  1. Have a tank level monitoring panel installed from KIB Electronics.
  2. Have a black tank that consistently reads “2/3” or “Full”, even when it’s empty. "

Here is the link:

BTW: Figuring out what area of the forum to post stuff about the KIB tank monitor is a head scratcher: Waste Water? Fresh Water? Water Heater? Water Pump? 12 volt DC (test)?
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Thanks for posting this information! We've been using the RV Whisper monitor system in our Cyclone for a couple of years to monitor temperature, electrical system and propane levels and have been very pleased with the system. So if this tank whisper upgrade works, it would be a great addition!


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Update 9/27/2021

I made an inquiry to the mfr as to what is the status of this device and got the following e-mail reply:


KIB Tank Whisper​



William KnightSep 26, 2021, 12:12 PM (21 hours ago)
Any projection on when this product will be available for purchase?


Edward Bender <>​

8:11 AM (1 hour ago)
to me, contact

Hi Bill,

We are caught in the global chip shortage right now. I don't know when we will be able to get all the components we need.

Attached is a document explaining our next step (Field Test 2).


Ed Bender
RV Whisper LLC
410-286-3060 (o)
301-943-2969 (c)


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