Not new but been a long time


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Hi All! Good to see so many new members, Heartland is catching on everywhere across the country!
It's been awhile (a year? two?) since I've been on the forums, life got busy but we've finally sold the house and getting ready to move our HL BC to a new lot to live in full time. We got lucky, someone close by bought 6 acres and set up a full time space for our unit.
The funny part are how many folks have been looking at our HL since we brought it out of storage to the house for prep, they are polite and will pull up and ask how we like it. How do we like it? It's fantastic!

Everyone have a great time in their new units, you're going to love them for years :)


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Welcome back!

We upgraded from a Heartland bumper-pull to a Heartland 5th-wheeler since you last visited!

Not to mention have been to several HOC Rallies!


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Bet you are loving that John! Is that a Prowler I see in your profile picture? Great choice :)