On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum


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Re: UPDATE - On/Off/On/Off - Eureka Central Vacuum

Got the Yellow Jacket back from the repair shop and when you plug it in it runs and sucks, cost $20 and it was well worth it. I'm going to post pics and spell out the wiring so that anyone who is interested and fix their vac.
My task will be creating a 2nd outlet box and tap into the existing outlet, that new 2nd outlet box will be switched so that it can be turned on/off from a switch on the first step near the vac inlet on the step. The vac user will just turn it on and off from that spot, no 12 volt circuit board with relay's to give us problems and I won't have to remove the wall to tap on the right spot of the vac to get it to work.
Now if it stops raining I'll do my part of the repair


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Eureka Central Vacuum - Modified - Working Great

Well, my modification on the Eureka Central Vacuum is completed and we couldn't be any happier with the outcome. I recommend this mod to anyone who is having trouble with the computer board or relay inside of the vac.


Pic 1 - shows the rewire job to the inside of the Yellow Jacket Central Vac.
Pic 2 - shows the installation of the new switch on the stair and the wiring.
Pic 3 - shows the new outlet ( replaced rv box/outlet) and wiring.

I eliminated the 12 volt on and off switch inside of the vacuum and directly wired the cord on the vac to the motor. I then installed a new 110 switch on the step next to the vacuum outlet on the step and ran a 14/3 wire to the area next to the location of the vac. I then took the vacuum outlet, which is 110 and has a separate circuit apart and put a new box and outlet, I wired the switch wiring to the outlet box wiring so the switch turns the outlet off and on. So now you insert the vac house and then turn the vacuum and vacuum, no off and on, continuous running when the hose is removed, NO problems so far.

The black and white wires were wired to either side of the motor and the green wire was wired to the ground of the motor. The 4th wire on the cord was eliminated. Remove all of the 12 Volt wirings but seal up the hole that they passed into the vac. Once you make that mod the vac should work when plugged into an outlet.

PS: I have a plywood cover that closes in the stairs completely from the compartment, it was installed to keep mice from getting into the trailer and it appears it worked until I opened everything up to do this job, I left it open too long and those little buggers got in. Problem is corrected now but boy was I in trouble.


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As usual, you guys were standing by for a quick rescue!

I was sitting at my desk, the boys on their dog bed, and the vacuum just turned itself on! Nothing I did would turn it off.

So, turned it off via the circuit breaker and got onto the forum for my research and problem identified!

Now, since I don't use the vacuum, can I just leave the circuit off?


And Happy New Year!