pros and cons


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Hi wildejbird,

If you would share how you plan to use the RV, and where you'll be camping, you're likely to get more focused responses.

For example, if you intend to live full-time in the trailer, you might find that storage space and holding tank capacity of a 31' unit would require some extra planning and effort on your part. If you plan on spending time in the unit during the winter in North Dakota, you might find it hard to manage the extreme cold weather.

'Lil Guy'

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Our previous unit was the E289 and we really enjoyed it. Great for the State Parks with the smaller sites. I almost wish we would have kept it. I did add 16" wheels with the correct trac system and a taller tires to raise the height for a level pull on our truck. Pulled like a dream behind our 3/4 T truck. Basically the same floor plan as we now have but shorter. I wouldn't want it to full time in due to storage space and insulation features. But, it was a nice rig and we had no issues with it.