Proverbial "Soft Floor" issue


I have a 2013 Heartland Prowler 32 BHS sitting in a leased site since the day it was purchased. When I opened it up for the season I found the floor is soft along the wall between the bed and wall. and it extends into the storage compartment at the front of the trailer. The trailer has a storage area running the width of the trailer under the head portion of the bed with an external door on each side of the trailer. I suspect water leaked in around the storage compartment door, or the bedroom window on that side. However there is no buckling or swelling in my wall panel below the window. I will need to remove the fake nightstand which is the wall/top of the storage compartment to repair the flooring. Does anyone know how the bed and storage compartment walls etc are fastened in place. I will need to remove the right side of the storage compartment and bed/nightstand in order to get at the area to make repairs. Thank you