Prowler Lynx 30LX black tank diagram


Howdy y’all!

Our family of 5 is currently full timing it in our new-to-us trailer. Long story short, the black tank is giving me a run for my money haha. I don’t know what the condition of the black tank was when I bought it. It took a few weeks to get the hang of using lots of water when we use the toilet. I did a very rudimentary flush from the top (thru the toilet) this past weekend with some spare PVC and a water hose, but I didn’t feel like I got as much out of the tank as I probably could have. I’m not sure of where my toilet is in relation to the tank (right above, or offset with an inlet pipe), and would like to really flush our tank from the top again. I’m handy enough to build a flush wand, but am willing to buy the flexible one if I need it. And I’m not aware of any external tank flush option on my particular trailer, unless it is there and just not labeled.

Is there a diagram out there on the web somewhere for Prowler black (and gray) tanks so I can get the best upper flush setup? Just trying to save myself the time (and hassle) of taking all the underbelly covering off.

Thanks in advance!


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You could consider one of these:

With this device you can backflush your tanks, just close the valve to the tank you do not want to fill. Also whatever do NOT get distracted while doing this.
Leave this on after you are finished and close the valve when you travel, this way it stops any surprises you would get when you hook up your dump hoses.


Yeah, I bought the Camco Dual Flush, but without the gate valve (trying to save some $ 🤦🏼*♂️) so I may have to just buy a valve to make it fill from the bottom.