Pulled the trigger on a north trail 33 BKSS.


Hello everyone,

I post a couple times on here with questions on the camper we were looking at. We decided to purchase the trailer after the owners fixed the main slide cables and motor, put in a new water heater and fixed all frozen faucets. They didn't winterize it appropriately last year but luckily they were willing to have someone come out and fix everything and do a pressure test and everything checked out. It's a 2015, so I've started the process of caulking everything and tightening all screws that have worked loose over the years. Tires are next on the list before we travel more than a couple miles. Other than a few small maintenance things it's in great shape and hope it lasts us years to come. Taking it out to a friends private lake this weekend for it's maiden voyage. Anyway just wanted to say hello from northwest Missouri and wish everyone happy camping.PXL_20210504_214254359.jpgPXL_20210504_215103506.jpg


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Very nice looking. And it sounds like everything's worked out well. Keep us posted on your adventures.