Question about 2009 heartland north country 26 bh


I recently bought a used 2009 heartland north country 26 bh.
I found a water leak that caused the bottom stud and part of the floor to rot. I have since removed some of the rotten wood floor but for the bottom stud I plan on removing aluminium siding to replace it.

I have fans that are aimed at the wood which is now dry, i also have a fan blowing air outside the dining room window, but every time i come back to the trailer after 3 to 4 days there is a distinct smell. It doesnt smell like humidity it smells more like "cedar" or some kind of wood.

My question: is this normal? I yhink the cabinets are not made with MDF so it could be that and also I think there might be some cedar in the wall paneling.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi jben,

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