Questions about 2021 North Trail 22FBS


We are considering a 22FBS from a couple of dealers. The primary reason is because of the unusually low hitch weight of 395#. We just got a 2021 Ram 1500, but were shocked to find when we got it home our payload was much less than we had expected. Another travel trailer we were looking at was ruled out because the dry hitch weight was 690#. I have done some calculations, and I think that this one should work for us, but would still put us at our maximum payload. The towing capacity is not an issue, we have 11,200#. However, we only have 1250# of payload.
1. Does anyone have experience towing one of these with a half-ton PU? How does it tow?
2. What have you seen for a realistic estimate on loaded hitch weight?
3. What does the 2021 "Caliber Edition" add? I can't find any info about this on the manufaturers website.
4. The dry hitch weight is only about 7% of the dry TT weight. I know that the recommendation is for the hitch weight to be 10-15%. 7% seems crazy low from what I have seen, is there a reason for that?
5. Does anyone have experience using an Andersen WDH with one of these? How much hitch weight have you seen shifted to the TT axles? (I know it primarily balances the TV and shifts weight onto the TV front axle, but some is shifted to the TT as well)
6. What is your experience with the 13500K air conditioner. Is that plenty for this unit or would you recommend upgrading to the 15000K?

Thanks in advance for any help!